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Malibu: Moonshadows
Although it’s a bit of a tourist spot you really can’t beat this waterfront joint for a sunset over the Pacific. If you’re cruising the PCH and checking out the Bu this is a great spot to stop on your way back to town Read More

Hollywood: The Spare Room
Located in the legendary Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Boulevard this bar puts the cool in cocktails. My very dear friends Med and Marc have created a clubhouse for hipsters and hotel guests alike. Read More

Hollywood: Loteria
Living in Miami often leaves me craving some good Mexican, that is why this joint is usually one of my first stops once I touch down in LaLa Land. Let me just start with quite possibly one of the most amazing libations on the planet Read More

Malibu: Malibu Seafood
This has been one of my favorites spots since I was a little girl. My dad used to take me here and we would chow down on Calamari steak and rice pilaf. Read More

New Orleans: Circle Bar
My cousin worked here for many years and I find it to be one of the better kept off the beaten path secrets for visitors. However it's tiny and locals know it well so you never... Read More

New Orleans: One Eyed Jacks
My friend Rio Hackford it the proprietor of this fine establishment located in the French Quarter. What can I say…my man's got taste! From the décor to the local... Read More

New Orleans: Coop’s Place
Two words come to mind…"FRIED CHICKEN" That is certainly one of the specialties at this locals favorite eatery. Coop's has a laid back feel, great bar, and solid eats. Not to mention they are one of the few places in the Quarter that serve food late, which is always a plus in a city that never sleeps... Read More

New Orleans: Margaritaville
I don’t want to ruffle any feathers here but I must say that my dear friend Bret Brown runs my favorite Margaritaville. Bret’s attention to detail and the way he embraces and celebrates JB’s history in New Orleans makes this location unique, honest, fun, and and overall great time. The “tire swing bar” located on the second floor was built by my best friend Cayman and I promise you if you head up there... Read More

New Orleans: Mother’s
The sign hanging above Mother’s says “world’s best baked ham” which is pretty indisputable but really you can’t go wrong with any order in this classic New Orleans eatery that is a favorite for locals and tourists alike. Often times you may find a line wrapped around the block, which always speaks highly for an establishment but often you can sneak right on in and get yourself a table. This place is a mandatory stop for me when I’m in NOLA and the oyster PoBoy is always my order. It just can’t be beat. Read More

Miami: Dogma
The words gourmet and hot dog have never really gone together until now. A hot dog stand in one of Miami up and coming neighborhood this place offers fresh ingredients and options for vegetarians and meat lovers alike... Read More