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Tune Yards Bizness
tune yards

In this day and age of musical downloading and overall ADD playlist mentality I will admit that even I am guilty of rarely listening to albums in their entirety anymore. In fact I have recently taken it upon myself to make a conscious effort to do so. On certain days when I'm working around the house instead of throwing the ole iTunes on random I will say to myself "Today I'm going to listen to Joshua Tree and Catch A Fire in their entirety" and you know what I'm always glad I did. I also have started a small albeit ever growing collection of vinyl. That's a very easy way to disconnect from the pervasive digital music culture and just really listen as you were meant to hear the artist's creation. The art of the album is slowing waning in the massive collective conciousness of music, however there are still so many albums being made, albums that deserve your undivided attention! Just this week thanks to my amazing friend and encyclopedia of music Sam Farrar introduced to just that kind of record. First of all let's get your attention…

Tune-Yards Bizness Video

Okay if you like that it's only the beginning! Tune-Yards is the musical baby and brainchild of Merril Garbus. The record highlights Merril's impressive vocals while playing with styles and influences that range from sweet melodic pop to African rhythms and back through modern electronic dance folk. Sounds fun doesn't it?? Well it is. The record starts off with a bang and keeps you grooving and guessing to the very last note. In fact I think I played it on repeat 3 times yesterday. It's hypnotic. So give it a listen, a real listen, the whole shebang and enjoy the ever-vanishing concept of what a full album is meant to be. Hopefully if we keep listening they won't turn into mythical creations, which only exist in a far away land of rainbows and unicorns.